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SOBASE Success @ FAKUMA 2017

发布时间:2017-10-30    发布者:info#sobase


SOBASE Success @ FAKUMA 2017

SOBASE participated in FAKUMA 2017 held at Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre, Germany last Oct 17-21.

The trade fair marked the 25th anniversary of the worlds’ leading technical events and trade fair for plastics processing.

SOBASE was joined by our off-shore business partner BUKUMA.

There was enthusiastic focus on the latest innovations and technologies that could bring highly valuable benefits that boost efficiency and productivity in tool making and injection-molding process.

SOBASE Team drew successful crowds and have successfully attracted several exciting and promising new business opportunities and contacts. 

We also met existing Clients and have learned so much on their inspiring interest for continuous improvements and partnerships with us for cruising business growth.

SOBASE had demonstrated successfully its continued commitment in bringing quality tools that respect Customer specifications, with a dependable on-time delivery and value-add cost to current and upcoming Customers.

SOBASE, So Nice!