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Sobase Participated in the World Fair for Mold making and Tooling, Design and Application Development in 2013

发布时间:2013-12-18    发布者:info#sobase

Euromold ranks as one of the prime design, application and mold-making trade show events. The show boasts of high participation counts from professional exhibitors as well as visitors, and the event gets its global flavor from the large contingent of word participants who attend the show at each of its editions.

Sobase carefully prepared for this show. With a superb level of technology, high-quality parts and introduction of series working machines, we became a highlight in the same industry. Ingenious tool design and superior quality of parts, as well as the competitive price had attracted many foreign businessmen gathered to watch and consultation to discuss. Our excellent engineer satisfied many buyers who brought the technical problems on the scene.

It is a harvest tour. Sobase mold in recent years has made long-term development and success. We will also continue to enhance ourselves to accelerate Sobase branding process, making more quality service to customers. With a good ability of project management and troubleshooting, Sobase is confident to provide you the best services.