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The Summary Meeting of 2016

发布时间:2017-3-14    发布者:info#sobase

The 4th and 5th of March 2017, with the balmy spring, our Managing Director Mr. Zhang Yicheng and more than 20 key employees of Sobase Plastic Mold(Shenzhen) Ltd. gathered at GUANLAN SHANSHUITIANYUAN TOURISM CULTURE GARDEN, for a meeting of summarizing work to 2016 and expecting work to 2017. 

At first, Mr. Zhang introduced SOBASE development history, background, corporate philosophy and its future planning. Since 2003, SOBASE dedicated from single service for the home appliance industry to today’s strategy cooperation with global famous leaders of automobile, home appliance, medical and electric tool industries, walking a way steadily with difficulties and achievements.

The global manufacturing is depression in recent years, and RMB exchange has large fluctuations, under this situation, though all relying on export business, SOBASE still stand up as a good representative in the mold industry, its business developing by leaps and bounds, especially hitting a record high in 2016.

We have high quality products and good service to report back to the loyalty of our customers.

Two days meeting were tension and orderly, colleagues from different departments prepared attentively and spoke enthusiastically, they made positive suggestions for quality improvement, team work, customer service and upgrading management.

This meeting is summarized and prospect, and is the baptism too.

We can fight, we can play!

“Man Road, as the iron, the more strides we now.” Reinstall to the sailing, SOBASE will have more brilliant 2017!