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SOBASE New Year Party 2017

发布时间:2017-1-19    发布者:info#sobase

SOBASE New Year party of 2017 was held on 13th January 2017. All employees attended this big party to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year.

As usual, Mr. Philip Joy, the managing director, gave a short speech in the beginning of party. Also the Vice MD, Mr. James Pan, made a wish for everyone.

During the party, the most outstanding employees and work team were awarded. And for employees worked in SOBASE above 5 years, no matter which position they are in, they are all awarded with company dividends.

Some employees prepared interesting shows, such as singing, dancing as well as very Chinese style cross talk and short sketch, especially Philip's 2 little daughters also brought singing and fluting.

The other attractive part of this party is "lucky draw". There are many rounds of "lucky draw" during the party, which is very exciting for everyone there.

With some simple games finished, the party was also coming to the end. Everyone enjoyed this party.
Wish everyone a happy and lucky year in 2017!